About Us

We are an Institution 0014devoted for Education, Rehabilitation and Socialism of the deaf & dumb. We Provide Free Education, Free Bus pass, Free School, Free Uniforms etc. to all our Students.

We are trying to help each child to develop adaptive skills also known as life skills such as daily living, social skills & occupational awareness. The school helps to create and implement an educational plan tailored to meet each student’s individual requirement.

The school tries to create awareness in Society about the causes of deafness i.e. mal-nutrition & lack of medical guidance etc.

VYCIS has been striving hard to achieve the goal of total rehabilitation for the poor and hearing impaired children who on a large extent are ignored and rejected by the community.

Disabled deaf and mute children face a difficult future although their basic needs are no way different from a normal child. Every such child should get an opportunity for basic education, nutrition, health and medical facilities.

» We believe in, we can change the World »

Our School
» Late Vaidya Vyankatrao Yadav Karnabadhir Vidyalaya »
A special survey was conducted in Shirol Taluka & surrounding rural areas in the year 1992 July August. To our surprise, lot of deaf & dumb children ware found. This schoolable children wondering here & there only. Their poor parents unaware of special education for these specially disabled children. After motivating the parents asking them to just send their kids to our special school. With lots of effort we formally inaugurated our school on 24th November 1992.

With our philosophy that” God has created every life to survive in this world with equal rights & dignity”. Our institute is making sincere efforts to improve lives of these unfortunate. We are working in this rural area for providing them formal basic school education. Since beginning making them aware of self-help by giving them vocational education so as to make their disability tolerable by making them independent & self sufficient individuals.
Govt. has approved 40 Students with 9 staff capasity School Grant aid in 1996-97.